Villas or apartments for your dream holiday in Italy

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If the waiting break from work and commitments is finally approaching, why not make it comfortable at best? Why not choose villas or apartments and turn your stay into a dream? Spending the holidays in villas or apartments in Italy means, in fact, spending the long-awaited rest in complete freedom.

Here are some good reasons that explain why it is better to spend your holidays choosing this type of accommodation.

One of the first indisputable advantages of choosing villas or apartments for your holidays is guaranteed savings. This type of accommodation, in fact, is an excellent solution to save your wallet without giving up your holiday and is particularly convenient for those traveling in groups or with a large family.

Furthermore, the villas or apartments will allow you to stay in a group and spend the whole day together. The ideal way to spend the holidays with your travel companions but at the same time have their own privacy.

Another advantage of choosing villas or apartments is undoubtedly complete freedom. You have no time, no return in the evening, or for breakfast in the morning. You can enjoy your holiday without thinking about anything else.

If you are planning a holiday in the Marche and you are looking for villas or apartments that have the ideal characteristics to meet your need, our advice is to choose the Casale del Duca, a beautiful property located just ten minutes from the city of Urbino but at the same time immersed in nature and surrounded by the green hills of the Marches that are the backdrop to a dream scenario.

This historic building, dating back to 1500 and carefully restored, is now able to offer its guests five very spacious rooms, ideal also for family trips, which unlike hotels are in this case all independent.

The rustic environments of these mini apartments are enhanced by the choice of a shabby chic furniture and by the use of precious curtains. The presence of terracotta floors, suggestive stone walls and wooden details makes each room unique and beautiful to live for your holiday full of comfort and relaxation.

For those looking for an exclusive apartment, perhaps in the North, do not miss it is Paola’s, an apartment located in Belgirate, in Piedmont, in a magnificent villa located on the shores of Lake Maggiore with a breathtaking view all around.

This apartment is the top for those looking for an environment taken care of in every detail, with a modern style but at the same time is able to preserve antique and valuable details that give more heat to the environment.

Here at Paola’s, in fact, guests will have available a two-room apartment (and the possibility of adding a bed), a modern steel kitchen with all the necessary accessories to be totally independent, a large living room with dining area, private parking and a large outdoor garden to relax enjoying the view of the lake.

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