Top 5 Cheapest Holiday Packages of the Year

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Deciding to go on holiday does mean that you have to destroy your budget. In fact, 2015 is loaded with cheap holiday destinations that anyone would be excited about. Singles, couples, and families alike will enjoy embarking on any number of these trips and make memories that will last a lifetime, all without breaking their banks.

Consider taking a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This gorgeous city is nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia and is filled with excitement. The city does not have many skyscraper like some other Asian capitals so a lot of the fun happens on the streets. From the whizzing of scooters to the allure of the Tonle Sap promenade, there is always something to do, You can even visit villas built in the French Colonial era.

The city of Phnom Penh has a lot to offer those on holiday and you can experience everything for a great budget worthy price. Booking your trip in advance will help you secure the best rates and packages available.

If you wish to plan your holiday package during the month of February, think about going to Lima, Peru. If you like history and art, this is the getaway for you. The area is complete with a mixture of both modern and old structures and buildings. This trip is one to remember and is also easy on your wallet.

Opt for an all-inclusive package and have all the fun you want for a prepaid price that will save you a pile of money. Visit the City of Kings or the whimsical Electricity Museum. If you are more into lounging by the water, sit at the beachside Barranco and sip on cocktails. Don’t worry, if you purchased an all-inclusive holiday package, you can drink all of the adult beverages you would like.

If you are up for a child-free vacation with the one you love or perhaps just a group of friends, New Orleans, USA is the trip for you. You will want to book your trip in March during the Mardi Gras celebration. New Orleans is place for tourists who enjoy a good party every single night of the week. Surprisingly, it is not terribly expensive to visit this amazing French inspired city.

New Orleans is a great 2015 cheap holiday destination and you will walk away with your bag stuffed full of beads and trinkets that parade goers love to throw at people. Nosh on some of the world’s best gumbo and enjoy the intense nightlife scene. You will want to book early for this trip as to get the best hotel prices.

When food plays a major role in where you decide to go on holiday, think about heading to Tbilisi, GA USA. This is a trip you definitely want to plan as all-inclusive to that you may eat until your heart’s content. The city has been dubbed a “gourmet paradise” as hearty portions of meat dumplings and pizza are served until patrons are bursting at the seams.

Your 2015 holiday will be a blast at this location but you might leave with a few extra inches around your waist. The city itself has been rebuilt 29 times over the years and embraces the essence of the medieval era. For a cheap holiday package price, you can pretend to be King Author or A Queen for a week or two. Don’t forget to relax in the steam of the famous thermal baths while you are there.

Lastly, consider spending July in Budapest, Hungary. You can seriously have a great time whilst on a budget in this city. The hotels are prices amazingly and most of your transportation can be done by walking from place to place in the city. You can even find old communist heirloom in antique shops to purchase for cheap and take home with you.

Finding a holiday destination during 2015 that is affordable can easily be done by reaching out to a reputable travel operator. When you have an expert on your side, you will certainly have the trip of your dreams for a price you can afford.

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