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Santa Monica Beach Cafes Cafes and restaurants create the biggest impression on cities all around the world. The impression arises from the fact that cafes and restaurants are usually the first port of call for visitors to a city. This is therefore the reason why the best cafes in the world are found in the largest cities. The world over, cafes are as different as the foods they serve. There is always a correlation between location of a cafe and the services offered. A case study of cafes in Santa Monica would help us understand this phenomenon better. Just for clarity, Santa Monica is a city in Los Angeles, California, United States which boasts of having natural beaches.

Naturally, being a beachfront city, one would definitely expect it to host very many cafes, hotels and restaurants. This is true for the city of Santa Monica. So, what makes cafes in Santa Monica special? To answer this question, we have to analyze the cafes especially the services they offer. For a start, cafes in Santa Monica are built in a very attractive manner. This is visible in the very beautifully plastered and finished walls of these cafes. Sitting areas in most beach cafes of Santa Monica are arranged both indoors and outdoors so as to attract as many customers as possible. This arrangement serves to attract customers since it is ideal for cafes located near a beach city.

Looking On The Bright Side of Beaches

The most predominant cafes in Santa Monica are coffee shops. The driver to this move is that the breeze coming from the sea necessitates hot beverages for tourists. This has made coffee shops in the city to have very many different types of beverages so as to cope with the ever growing market. The most notable marketing strategy for most cafes in Santa Monica is the aspect of allowing customers to make orders on drinks that are off the menu. The cafe then goes ahead to prepare the drink as per the wishes of the customer. Such services boost business for cafes in Santa Monica which in turn raises profits for the cafes.

Looking On The Bright Side of Beaches

Cafes in Santa Monica also offer very many incentives to their customers for customer retention. One of the incentives that is offered in most cafes in Santa Monica is free wireless internet. This allows people who wish to work online during meal times to do both of them simultaneously. Another form of incentive is happy hours which is a characteristic feature of many cafes of Santa Monica. Happy hours are basically selected hours during which cafes sell foods and drinks at subsidized prices. The above incentives contribute immensely to the popularity of cafes in Santa Monica.

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