Planning A Trip To London? Here’s All You Need To Know!

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London is a peculiar city: elegant and refined, but also vibrant and “underground” with its nightlife and pubs. There are so many things to see and know about London! In this article we will give you our best advice to help you plan your stay in the English capital. This won’t be an exhaustive guide of the city, but it will be very practical when the time comes to plan your trip. What is the best way to visit the whole city? Which season is the best to enjoy the city? How should you create your perfect itinerary? Here’s all you need to know!

The best way to visit London

There are many ways to explore a city, but only one allows you to visit all the best attractions of London with no stress or effort, and that is to book a private tour! There are many tour agencies that offer excellent tour guides through the city, but we recommend Through Eternity: you can choose among many options for the best London private tours by TET, so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the city of Mary Poppins and Harry Potter! The options are customized based on your needs: you can visit the whole city in a one-day tour, or opt for a tour of Westminster Abbey and the National Gallery, or maybe visit Stonehenge! If you don’t like walking so much a private tour is just perfect for you. Moreover, London is a very big city, so it is best to let an expert plan your itinerary and activities. Most of the tourist attractions are central, but you still want to avoid having to cross the city from one end to the other looking for them.

When to visit London

Like any destination, each season has its own set of pros and cons. But London is not a city of extremes, and that is why you will very rarely encounter days that are too hot or, on the contrary, disproportionately too cold. However, the air is very humid and London is known for its rainy days. Nevertheless, there are so many museums that you can find one to visit for each day of rain! One of the best periods to visit London is autumn, since the rainy days are less and the prices are affordable since it is not a “tourist season”.


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