Is Theory Important for Yachting?

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If you want to go into competitive yachting and wish to take to the seas in your own vessel, you might be interested in joining a yachting crew. However, when you do join a yachting club and start taking classes regularly, you will realise that the work is actually quite different than you thought it would be. In fact, for quite a bit of the time, you will find yourself huddled over books and learning theory. Here’s what you will be learning:

  • How the machinery works
  • The important components of a yacht
  • Things to do in an emergency

Now, it may seem simple at first, but yachting is actually a very disciplined sport. In fact, you might want to consider joining an RYA start motor cruising course in Gosport to learn more. Here are some reasons why theory plays such an important role.

Learn the Mechanics

Before you can go all out and start yachting on your own, you need to understand the mechanics of the sport and the inner workings of the machine itself. This may seem easier said than done, but that’s what theory is all about. You will at least know what you are focusing on.

Learning to Respond Quickly

Yet another reason why you should consider taking a motor training course is because it’s going to give you the understanding of how to respond quickly, which is an incredibly important skill for yachters. You need to practice as much as possible before you actually go competitive yachting!



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