Get The Most Out Of Your Spain Vacation

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Spain is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. Tourism stated taking shape in the 1970s when it became a place where many tourists visited so much. The country has become a popular place for tourism over the years till 2007 when it was ranked 2nd after France. The country has a lot of tourism destinations and has done a lot so as to ensure that the place still takes a front place as great tourism attraction point.

Amongst the things that have been done are, the country joining the group of nations under the Visa waiver program. This program made it a requirement that the Electronic System for travel authorization (ESTA) is used to validate visas. The ESTA system requires one to have a machine identifiable visa or the ESTA visa. The ESTA visa has greatly increased security for those travelling to this country.

There are various destinations in Spain that one will have to visit so as to just make the best of a vacation in the country. These great places are:

  1. Alhambra palace
    2. Real Palacio
    3. La Concha
    4. Aqueduct of Segovia
    5. Sagrada Familia

Alhambra palace

This is one great destination for any tourist. The palace built in the 14th century was the greatest achievement of European culture. The place is made from gold and is situated on the south of Spain. The place is a great historical site because of its age. It is also magnificent and visited by more and more people every year, and therefore it is just a place to be.

Real Palacio

It is also referred to as the royal palace. The place was built between the years 1738 to 1755 by King Carlos the third on a 1450000 sq. acres of land, and is the largest palace in the whole of Europe. The place holds most of the cultural activities and I just a place to be. What is even striking in this palace is the art with which the interior of this place is built with. The art ranges from painting to artistic designs. The materials also used in the interior design are of all kinds. It goes without mention that, the place to have your vacation is Spain and in this palace.

La Concha

For one to enjoy a vacation then they need to move out of the office environment and feel the outside with lots of activities. The place to find this is the La Concha. This is a beach with a lot of activities including surfing and just walking around the beach and feel the good scenery. The place has good beach side resorts making it just great to be at the beach.

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