Shirdi is located in the Maharashtra state in Western India and is known for being the initial home of Sai Baba. This small town has been acclaimed as one of the prime pilgrim centres of the country. Every year, a huge number of tourists gather here to pay homage to the spiritual leader, Sai Baba. Shirdi, being one of the top places of worship offers significant tourist attractions that deserve special mention.

As a patron of history and ancient culture, I visited many tourist places that feature expansive heritage and brilliant architectural sites. And, this time, my plan was to explore Shirdi. After reading about Shirdi, I was quite intrigued to visit the place. So, without wasting any time, I browsed through the website of Intermiles and got one of the Chennai to Shirdi flights booked for myself. I also reserved a stay at Hotel Yogiraj from the website for two days. After landing at the former residence of Sai Baba, we (me and my parents) planned the next part of our trip. The following day, we were ready to explore the best attractions of the town and went ahead with our plan. Here is a complete overview of how we conducted our day trip.

Visited Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple

The exterior of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple

We began our Shirdi expedition by visiting the most iconic place, Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple. Dedicated to Sai Baba, this temple is one of the most pious places in the state of Maharashtra. Sai Baba, one of the greatest saints in India is believed to have unprecedented powers. People consider him as the incarnation of God and thus to honour his values, this temple was created. Spreading over an area of 200 sq.m, this temple complex is located in the heart of the Shirdi town. When we reached the place, we witnessed the Abhishekh Pooja that was being conducted by the pandits. It was such a satisfying experience and we could literally feel our souls getting detoxified as we prayed to the deity. Owing to its recent renovation in 1998, the complex also has many modern places like Darshan Lane and Prasadalay where lunch and dinner are served.

Explored Sai Teerth Theme Park

A glimpse of the Sai Teerth Theme Park interiors

After a spiritual tour from the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple, we headed to the Sai Teerth Theme Park. This amusement park is said to be the first spiritual theme park in the country. It is a fully air-conditioned park that boasts many modern facilities in this traditional town. Hosting 4 different kinds of shows, this place provides a great learning experience for the devotees of Sai Baba. At Sai Teerth Theme Park, we took a train ride and explored the entire premises. We also witnessed the artificially created setup of Dwarkami at this theme park that displayed exquisite architecture. The park also features a movie space and a 5D show. So, if you want to experience a fusion of entertainment and learning, then you must visit Sai Teerth Theme Park on your upcoming trip to Shirdi.

Cherished the beauty of Lendi Baug

The serene atmosphere of Lendi Baug

After having lunch at the nearby stalls, we decided to spend some time in the Lendi Baug, which is a popular tourist attraction of Shirdi. Spreading over a large area, this baug or garden features lush greenery. According to legend, Sai Baba used to water the plants of this garden. It is also believed by the devotees that the spiritual leader dug a 2 feet deep pit and placed an earthen lamp in here. Today, in the memory of many episodes of Sai Baba and his followers, a lamp remains lit inside the garden premises. At Lendi Baug, we spotted a statue of Sai Baba watering the plants. Placed on white marble, the statue is considered to be a landmark of this place. Surrounded by trees and bushes, Lendi Baug is an ideal spot to rest and rejuvenate. As per my experience, spending the afternoon at Lendi Baug is the best thing you can do. On your visit here, you can also witness the Samadhis of Baba’s well-known devotees including Abdul Baba and Bhau Maharaj Kumbhar at the entrance.

Had a closer look at Sai Baba’s childhood at Gurusthan

View of the main shrine at Gurusthan

After spending most of our evening at Lendi Baug, we headed straight to the nearby popular attraction that is Gurusthan. This is a historical place where Sai Baba was first seen as a 16-year-old boy. Here, he sat under a neem tree. And today, a shrine has been built in the spirit of this event. According to the devotees of Sai Baba, incense sticks of Gurusthan can heal ailments. While we were at this sacred place, we witnessed branches of neem trees coming out from the roof of this temple. The shrine also encompassed a huge portrait of Sai Baba along with Nandi Bull and Shivling. If you want to spend some time alone at peace, visiting Gurusthan is a must-thing to do. This place with its soothing and calm ambience can instill a spiritual and positive vibe in your heart.

We concluded our trip by heading back to the hotel. It was surely an unforgettable experience. With proper planning and the right choice of places, you too can visit the popular places in Shirdi in 24 hours. However, make sure you book your flight tickets and hotel in advance and explore the beautiful attractions of this sacred land at your own pace.


Udaipur – the Venice of the East is one of the best places to taste lip smacking local snacksof Rajasthan. There are top heritage hotels in Udaipur that give a view of the magnificent structures around. There are also the high end hotels but the streets are filled with sizzling treats at every corner. Taste lip smacking tangy street food of Udaipur that is one of the most interesting activities to do in Udaipur.

Find the Best Street Foods In Udaipur and Where To Eat them. It is especially good for travelers on the go and visitors who would like to taste traditional Rajasthani snacks, sweets and savories the local way.

  1. Falooda @ Sindhi Faloodas, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Udaipur

This is one of the most fascinating, tempting, and alluring milkshake you have to taste. It comprises of a mixture made from a colored syrup, semiya or vermicelli, falooda seeds and scoops of ice cream. This yummy sweet is so soothing in the hot summer months and is available in evening time to cool off the day. So be there earlier as you may have to wait for your turn as stock is usually sold out by 9 pm.

  1. Kachoris @ Jain Nashta Center, Near Post Office, Shastri Circle, Udaipur

Nobody will visit the state of Rajasthan without tasting the sweet savory called Kachori. Best eaten warm to hot it makes a great snack anytime of the day or even a quick breakfast to fill your tummy. While this is a sweet treat served in this area for ages there are also other snacks with tasty dips so do make sure to stop and go when you visit Udaipur next time. Have this with a cup of sweet hot tea and travel via Maharajas Express train which is the most famous luxury train in the world.

  1. Samosas @ Stalls outside Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

This tangy snack is definitely the king of street food in many places all over India. It is generally made with potato stuffing triangular in shape and deep fried in oil. This stall on the roadside outside a famous temple called Jagdish Temple earned a great name as it serves fresh, safe and hot snacks like samosa. Other snacks sold here are Kachoris, a Chilled drink called Lassi, Pohe or boiled flattened rice and Aloo Vada another snack done with potato. People come in big numbers but you can stand and wait as the street food smell fills the place.

  1. Jalebis @ Bhole Mishthan, Near Delhi Gate, Udaipur

This is one of the most delicious sweets all over India. Some savor the sweet delicacy cold and others enjoy the warm sugar syrup soaked jalebis, a popular street sweet in India. This shop specializes in this sweet as it is prepared using Desi Ghee and the Sugar Syrup to soak them has an alluring and expensive flavoring known as saffron or kesar. If you have a sweet tooth then this is a must eat street sweet in Udaipur.

  1. Egg Bhurji @ Egg Stall, outside Chetak Cinema, Udaipur.

This is one of the eggetarian dishes for egg lovers. This egg snack is popular in the country and is famously called Egg Bhurji which is a unique way to prepare scrambled eggs. There are varieties of this egg snack served here in Udaipur. Many who go to watch the cinema eat outside the Chetak Cinema Hall for a refreshing snack of Egg Bhurji.

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The Blue City Of India- Jodhpur Founded by Rao Jodha is one of the top tourist destinations in India. A visitor to this place will find an amazing color of blue when you visit Jodhpur for the first time by train. There is a lot to witness in this city including defense forts, walled cities, and definitely the art and craft that Rajasthan is famous for. A walk through the Old city’s narrow streets will make you find blue pottery, jeweled fabric, mud pans and pots, miniature art, jewelery, metals, spices, etc. You can also buy a pair of Jodhpuri chappals, printed bandhini fabric and furniture.

Here are the places that you can visit in Jodhpur:

  1. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the fascinating forts in India which you can view the skyline this ancient city fortress dates back to the fourteenth century. You will find courtyards, lovely gardens, huge galleries, museum, and many more palaces and temples inside. You will never forget this experience with the massive walls surrounding this structure.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours.

  1. Jaswant Thada

This Mausoleum of the Jaswant Thada is in close proximity to the above fort city to the left side. Built with marble and carved out with great design and craft these intricate exteriors reflect the golden sun rays at sunrise and sunset. There is very delicate marble work on the cenotaphs that you should not miss out when you find the two tombs of the Royals of Jodhpur. The memorial looks like a temple through a rough terrain. This looks like a nature walk with a beautiful lake and many layers of gardens which you can explore through India’s Palace on Wheels.

Duration of Visit: 1.5 – 2 hours

  1. Umaid Bhawan

This is one of the latest forts in Jodhpur, Rajasthan built by King Umaid Singh. One of the top premium hotel services has taken management of the heritage hotel that is part of this museum. There is also a museum that features amazing historical clocks that you do not find in this digital world, exotic collections of real stuffed leopards and great trophies won by the ancient Maharajah and family. While the royal descendant residents still live in the portion of this beautiful Umaid Bhawan Palace that has a pinkish tint on white walls. A walk from the corridors of this massive palace that took 15 years for construction by 3000 talented workers, this historical structure will definitely amaze you.

  1. Mandore Gardens

It is called ‘gardens’ so you’d imagine so many multi-tiered gardens but there is much more this former Marwar Kingdom’s capital. There are carved cenotaphs with a picturesque green rock garden in the backdrop. This is a paradise for history enthusiasts and photographers with so many relics and old palace to find here. There are also Queen Cenotaphs over the hillock and Hall of Heroes depicting Rajput heroes, kings and deities carved statues coated with bright color.

Duration of Visit: 2 hours

  1. Osian Temples

The name ‘osian’ came from the popular appearance of the temple in Rajasthan that looks like an ‘oasis’. You can count 15 temples preserving the glorious desert township of Rajasthan. Each temple is unique to the other in this group of temples. The Sun temple is the show stopper here for its highly appreciated gateways. It takes energy and time to visit this vast carved structure.

These are the best 5 places to visit in Jodhpur. To know more about the Palace on Wheels booking for this season and get a luxury experience onboard the train.


Your big day is coming up and it is obvious you will be involved actively in the preparations for your wedding. Today, grooms are just as involved in the pre-wedding preparations as the bride. They look for venues that are unique for their special day. If you are a person who loves exotic beaches and amazing natural scenery, you may opt for a wedding venue in the Bahamas. The good news is there are affordable packages available to you for your wedding. The tropical region has several wedding venues that you can choose from the list. It is unique and will be memorable not only for both of you but for all the guests that attend your big day.

Bahamas wedding venues-get amazing photographs on the beach

When you scout for Bahamas wedding venues, make sure you look for a wedding photographer also. Today, wedding photography has evolved to a large extent and you just cannot hire anyone for the task. The professional wedding photographer you hire should have the skills and experience when it comes to the region. Your photographer should have a style that matches your tastes and expectations. This is why before hiring a wedding photographer, you must ask them about the volume of experience they have. Once you have hired the wedding photographer, look around the island and shortlist the places on the beach where you would like the wedding photography to be taken. A good photographer will give you an idea on the best day and night venues in the region as he or she knows the area well.

Check the wedding packages available in the market

Wedding costs are high so you must shop compare the wedding packages available. The Bahamas is a popular wedding destination across the world and so you should take an equal amount of time to search for a wedding package and photographer that is within your budget.

Check out the wedding venues with your photographer

Your wedding photographer might suggest to you some amazing venues in the Bahamas however, check them out with him or her. Show them to your partner as both of you should be comfortable with the place. You may also conduct some practice sessions with your photographer when it comes to posing and being comfortable with the camera. This will help you to put up the right poses on your wedding day.

Therefore, if you really wish to make your wedding memorable for everyone, opt for exotic Bahamas wedding venues. These wedding packages are affordable for most couples however make sure you book them in advance to get the best competitive prices. Getting married is indeed an exciting affair and when it comes to wedding venues in an exotic location, the Bahamas is indeed one of the best places in the world. It has amazing locales, food, music and lovely tropical weather. Even your guests will enjoy every moment of your wedding. Treat them to lots of fun and frolic while both of you tie the knot in one of the best places in the world.


Manali is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh in India. Located in the middle Himalayas which is popularly known as Himachal, Manali is a popular tourist destination in India and people flock the place especially in the summer season. Its idyllic setting, the rugged mountainous terrain, charming snowfall and pleasant weather has paved the path for the tourists and trekkers to make Manali one of the favourite tourist spots in India.

Manali is known for its idyllic setting and pleasant weather

Like most hill stations, Manali experiences a moderate and pleasant climate. The summer season is pleasant and mild while the winter season is cold. The ideal time to make trips to Manali is between the months of April and November.

For tourists, Manali offers a lot of tourist attractions. Some of the popular sightseeing points in and around Manali are Hadimba Temple, Kothi Gorge, Kalath Hot Water Springs, and Manali Gompa and so on. Travelers can also go for short excursion trips to the Rohtang Pass, Kullu, Solang Valley and Shimla.

Manali is an idea place for adventure sports

If you are an adventure lover who loves biking through the rugged mountainous terrain of the Himalayas, then Manali is an ideal destination for you. Manali offers everything that adventure lovers look for. The rugged terrain of the region is a perfect locale for mountain biking in Manali. It attracts hundreds of bikers from all over the world. It takes a lot of strength and courage to overcome the steep hills and you need to be an expert biker to beat the natural odds.

If you like camping, the idyllic setting of Manali amidst the snowy Himalayan peaks offer an ideal setting to spend some days amidst the snowy mountains and experience the beauty of Mother Nature. Some of the popular camping sites in Manali are Solang Valley, Kothi, shores of the Beas River and so on.

Manali is the land of high mountains, deep ridges and beautiful valets have always attracted trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world. The magnificent mountains, ridges and valleys provide an excellent locale for various types of trekking activities. Some of the popular trekking trails are Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek, Hampta Pass Trek and Friendship peak Trekking.

There is a wide range of hotels in Manali, which offer pleasant facilities and services at moderate rates. Tourists can choose their ideal accommodation according to their tastes and budget.


Choosing the right places to eat is one of the most important decisions to make while on the road and certainly while on vacation, and in the case of the latter, it’s nice to have an idea of what to expect so that you don’t spend too much time making a decision while on your trip.

If you are spending some time on Norfolk Island, you can expect a wide range of dining opportunities ranging from cafes to luxurious dinner locations. Norfolk Island is also home to plenty of old-style restaurants including those designed from old houses. With both modern and historic dining opportunities, you should have no problem finding what you are looking for.

Menus Full of Options

Whether you are settling down for a simple snack or dining in for a full-course meal, you will certainly have the opportunity for both. While some restaurants may be better suited to some dining needs, they will typically all offer a full menu of items to ensure customer satisfaction.

Iconic Locations

There’s plenty of history found on Norfolk Island, and some of the restaurants integrate historic buildings and locations with modern dining qualities for a truly unique experience. Norfolk Island restaurants impress visitors with modern layouts and interesting dining experiences, with some of them being located inside an old home.

From cafes and bars to lunch and dinner restaurants, you can typically expect a pleasant dining experience, and the variety of restaurants means there will be something for everybody.

Several Different Options

Despite the size of Norfolk Island, you will have plenty of restaurant options to choose from, several of which are located near or even on the beach. The size of the island also allows you to easily try a bunch of different restaurants over the course of your stay.

Built for Relaxation

You may find some enhanced dining experiences on Norfolk Island, many of which aim to provide maximum comfort for their customers and do so by supplying high-quality dining chairs and luxurious outdoor dining areas, among other things. Especially when visiting the cafes or the bars, you can expect to see some very modern but comfortable sitting areas for your pleasure.

The Norfolk Island dining experience is certainly limited given the limited size of the island, but it’s also full of incredible options and unique dining experiences that, if you are interested, will be fairly easy to explore during your visit.

Integrated with the tropical landscapes, these restaurants have a wonderful feel to them, and they combine quality food with a comfortable dining experience for the satisfaction of both the natives and the many tourists and visitors.


Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh can be easily described in three words Kebab, Adab and Tehzeeb. You can visit this city anytime and it will not disappoint you. If your next holiday destination is going to be the city of Lucknow, then we have compiled some tips and recommendations which will make your travel better and cheaper at the same time. From Lucknow hotel prices to exotic foods, we got everything covered.

About the city

Lucknow has a rich culture and history. This city has been under rule of several dynasties including delhi sultanate, Mughal empire, nawabs of awadh and British east India company. Also known as the city of Nawabs, it acquired this name when Lucknow became the capital city of nawabs of awadh during the rule of third nawab. According to a legend, the city has been named after the brother of Sri Ram called Lakshaman and it is believed that Lakshaman had a palace in the area which was called lakshamanpuri.

How to reach and get around the city?

If you travel by air, then Chaudhary Charan Singh International airport is well connected to almost all major cities while if you book a train then the major railway station of the city is Charbagh railway station which is located in the charbagh Lucknow. But the better options will be travelling here by road as the city has well laid road network and having a vehicle is always better while travelling then booking a cab each time. But if you come via train or plane then public transport system is also strong throughout the city but be ready to engage in a price fight everytime you have to book one.

Hotel booking

Lucknow hotel prices are very budget friendly if you look around a bit. Most of the budget options are located near the railway station itself. Some popular options include Clarks Awadh which has some premium rooms available with all modern facilities and room service available at your room’s doorstep. Situated in the heart of the city, Hotel golden orchid is suitable for both leisure and business travelers. Other popular names include Gemini Continental, Uma Guest house, Hotel global inn, Hotel RK international and Hotel Charans international.

Visit monuments and forts

This city has a long list of heritage monuments, mosques and beautiful gardens to visit and to visit all of them without missing on anyone is really an achievement. The city attracts a lot of history and literature nerds and art lovers from around the world. To really give you clear information, we have divided this segment into sub topics of gardens, mosques and monuments.

Visit forts and Monuments-Gardens

Springs is the best time to visit this city, if you want to enjoy its flaura and fona. The city houses some exotic gardens which will give you a unique experience which cannot be gathered anywhere else. Popular options include Begum hazrat mahal park, Dr. Ram Manohar lohia park, Gomti riverfront park, Gautam Buddha park and list goes on and on. Not only this you can even get further closer to nature by visiting wildlife sanctuaries like Nawabganj Wildlife Sanctuary, Crocodile nursery and Kukrail forest reserve.

Visit forts and monuments- Mosques

The city was under Mughal rule for a long time and the influence persist to even today. The major religion of lucknow is Islam and it has some beautiful mosques which should definitely be on your bucket list. Jama masjid, Aurangzeb’s mosque, Juma masjid and Deva sharif are the popular mosques. But almost every mosque around the city will provide with some unique experiences.

Visit Forts and Monuments- Monuments

We have been talking so much of the history in this article but now we will list the monuments which can be visited to witness all of the glories of lucknow’s past. Built during the Mughal rule, Bara Imambara offers a great view of the whole city. Lucknow Residency is a must visit to encounter the real destination of Revolt of 1857, yeah, the war that sparked the independence struggle. Other popular monuments are Shah najaf Imambara, Tombs of saadat ali khan and begum and Kaiserbagh palace.

Food culture

Lucknow is the heaven for the meat lovers throughout the world. Just get to the right spot and you will be served with the most delicious Kebabs, Biryanis, chats and sweets you’ve ever had in your life. To satisfy your meat hunger just visit the Tundey Kebabi which serves the famous tundey Kebab which melts immediately in mouth. Pandit chat house is one of the oldest chaat hub of the city and serves some refreshing chaats and snacks. Naushijaan and Idris dhaba are known to serve delicious Mughal cuisine and biryani. To top it all, end your feast at places like Chappan bhog and Prakash kulfi which are truly a heaven for sweet lovers. Other popular eating hubs include Sai Lassi corner, Pandit raja thandai, JJ bakers and Royal café’s street food.

We truly encourage your choice of visiting lucknow and to show our gratitude, the above mentioned tips and recommendation will really make your trip memorable and you will have a lot of tasty and Knowledgeable stories to share afterwards.


Nepal is a country of multicultural facets relatively small in size, but diverse range of features and qualities, both natural and cultural offers a unique travel experience. As the Trekking in Nepal is the prime option for traveler; however you can also indulge unique and artistic historical sites in the country. The prospect of witnessing ostentatious views of the Himalayas is always very appealing along with the best view points in Nepal that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas. Mostly Nepal is famous for adrenaline adventure however, Nepal isn’t about all about adrenaline sports, and it can also be regarded as cultural and architectural eye-opener. The adventurous sports, wildlife tours, sightseeing of some impeccable sites and valley, excursion of the mighty Himalayas and the mystic rivers are some of the things one needs to perform on their trip to Nepal. Traveler are mostly lured by the call of the mountains to trek or opt for mountain climbing, some are intrigued by cultural and historic images of the nation Full of breath-taking sceneries and lavish experiences, Nepal also has the charm of cultural heritages, natural heritages, and mighty mountains.

Being an expert travel guide serving this country’s travel and tourism sector for a very long time, the team of Nepal Hiking Team provides you with the seven best things one should do during their travel in Nepal.

  1. Himalayan Trekking

Trekking is the most fun as it provides a chance to explore a destination of the country. Nepal is blessed with pristine landscapes, rugged mountain trekking trails and culturally rich villages which provide mesmerizing view of spectacular lofty mountains which provides incredible trekking experiences. The major trekking trails here in Nepal are Everest Base Camp trek , Langtang Region Trek, Manaslu Region Trek, Annapurna Poon Hill trek, Mustang Region Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, etc. which will definitely push ones limit of strength. Additionally, we also provide you various Family Trekking Packages. Trekking can be considered as a bracing experience for all the adventure junkies and trekkers. The numerous trek routes in Nepal test your mental and physical strength enhancing your endurance level. Trekkers will stumble upon various local villagers and fellow trekkers along the route of the trek which will act as a knowledgeable yet thrilling experience.

  1. Hiking in hills

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the cordial beauty of the country taking pleasure in the local environment of the area. We discover the diverse cultural aspect and true sights of the hilly region of Nepal within a few days are possible with the Hiking experience. Hiking in itself is a journey that offers stunning and delightful perception to people which in result will refresh your mind and revitalize the soul. The hills adjoining Kathmandu valley with their regularly spaced tea houses offers a good resting place for energy regain during hiking. Furthermore, the arrangement of home stay offers you ample of time to intermingle and unite with the local Nepalese people.

  1. White Water Rafting

Nepal is the second-richest country in terms of water-resources and the melting ice and snow from the sapphire Himalayas of the country that act as sources for many ever-flowing rivers and tributary in the country. All the rivers originated on the way to the plains offer some nerve wrecking and jaw dropping rapids for rafting. In addition to the other daring sports this country has to offer you excellent schemes of rafting. The most popular White River Rafting Rivers in Nepal are Trishuli River and Bhotekoshi River. As per your convenience and choice, you get to choose from six different difficulty levels, ranging from class one to six, class one is the easiest raft and the difficulty level goes on increasing as you level up to the sixth class.

  1. Survey the magnificence of The Kathmandu valley

The incorporated mixture of over thousand years’ mind boggling architecture, history, and more than hundred ethnic cultures was established in the early 723 A.D. This valley consists seven among the ten heritage sites included in the UNESCO. This city is generally known as the city of temples as it is augmented with staggering temples and monasteries. The beautiful palaces and temples built in the medieval period by the Malla rulers have intricate wood carvings displayed in the doors, pillars and windows. Enriched with abundant culture where people of every religion will be seen celebrating various festivals around the year. Thus, Kathmandu valley is a must visit place while visiting Nepal.

  1. Mountaineering

Climbing the peak of the mountain summit is an achievement that is filled with electrifying and audacious moments. Mountaineering has become one of the major attractions for the trekkers throughout the world. Nepal being the country with the highest peak positioned in its lap has surely gained immense popularity among the mountain trekkers. This challenging and persevering sport is open in about 175 peaks out of the 326 peaks that are found in Nepal. Mountaineering in Nepal gained recognition all over the world in May 1953 when Sir Ed. Hillary and Tenzing Norgay mount the peak of the world ‘Mt. Everest’. Nepal is blessed with eight out of the ten highest peaks in the world. Moreover, skillful mountain and trekking guides of Nepal assist in the journey of the mountaineers in order to guide and help them.

  1. Wildlife tours

23% landmass area of Nepal is government protected areas in the form of national parks, wildlife sanctuary and reserves. Nepal also consists of birds like Pelicans and Egrets, Storks, Flamingos, Ducks, Geese and graceful Swans along with birds of prey like Hawks, Kites Falcons and Eagles, rare reptiles like Bengal Monitor Snakes, Cobras and Monitor Dragons which will serve as a treat to nature observers. The protected areas help in the conservation of exotic floras and faunas. As the protected areas in the Southern Plains of Nepal are easily accessible, it is well suited for jungle safaris and tours. These safaris provide spotting of endangered animals amidst the core regions of the forests while riding on either domesticated elephants or jeeps.

  1. Enjoy the traditional cuisines

Being a multi-cultural and diversified secular country Nepal is rich in ethnicity. Beside the rich traditions and culture, Nepal presents you yummy traditional cuisines of various caste, culture and religion. The foodies can enjoy different varieties of meat, sel roti (made of rice flour), bara (made of lentil flour), homemade wine and beer, momos (especial dumplings), King curd of Bhaktapur, yomari (made of rice flour stuffed with molasses), Newar’s feast with 84 items, rice, lentils, pickles, and many more delicious meals which are pleasing to the taste buds as well as nutritional to the body.


When people travel to the Peak District, they go to see the magnificent countryside and all that the area has to offer. However, when they consider staying over for the night, the first train of thought, is to rent a room in a hotel, but by doing this, you are losing out on the many benefits of renting alternatives. Holiday cottages for example, are very cost effective and you end up saving quite a lot of money, when compared to hotels. There are other considerations and we will discuss some of them here.


When you stay in beautiful holiday cottages in the picturesque Peak District, you will not have to worry about being disturbed by hotel staff during your stay. There is nothing worse that housekeeping waking you early in the morning, as they clean the other rooms, and talk and laugh in the corridor, as you are trying to sleep. There is no entering your room while you are asleep or even when you are not there, and with a holiday home, you can enjoy complete privacy. There’s lots of room to move about for you and your family, and when it’s bedtime for the kids, you get to go downstairs or outside, and enjoy some quality time together.

Control Your Own Schedule.

In a hotel, you have check-in times, check out times, time for housekeeping and restricted times for breakfast and other meal times. In a holiday cottage you decide when to eat and when to eat and you get to prepare the foods that you or your kids really like. Also, because you are buying the food yourself, there are no big restaurant bills, or the need to tip for every single thing. You leave the cottage when you want and return when you want, and you set your own schedule.

A Place For The Family.

A holiday cottage is the perfect opportunity to have a getaway with all the family. Maybe you haven’t seen each other in such a long time and would like to meet up somewhere that gives you privacy, but also lots of space with little or no restrictions. If it’s a large group, then you can rent more holiday cottages and have everyone staying close together, and maybe even get a better price due to multiple rentals. If you have a pet, a lot of holiday cottage rentals will allow you to take your pet with you and this saves you even more money. There is no need to find a kennel for your dog, as it is right there with you, enjoying the countryside.

Value For Money.

Coming to vacation in the beautiful Peak District may be a once in a lifetime trip for many people and so it is important that you have a stay to remember. Renting a beautiful holiday cottage, offers you great value for money, privacy, and the ability to set your schedule and prepare the meals for your family, that you all love. If you would like to experience cooking outdoors, then a BBQ is the perfect choice under the bright, starry sky of the Peak District.

Places Travel

A getaway visit to the actual land down under isn’t just like a holiday journey elsewhere on the planet. The actual terrain is different, people differ, the particular views that you will see are different, the animals are wide and varied, plus the sunshine shines continuously, and it’s very good. The truth is, the folks in Australia battle one of the most dangerous levels of skin malignancy on earth, thus if you’ve planned your current Australian vacation, make certain you have got on your pre-Australia holiday checklist, lots of sun block, a hat to be able to shade your face and then loose-fitting, flowing apparel that will be cool when protecting a person from the sun’s rays. Then of course you’ll require a pair of quality sun screening glasses to safeguard your eyesight.

When you have prepared in advance how to guard your skin layer and eyes, the subsequent thing you will need within your holiday checklist before going to Australia are a few guidebooks as well as maps as well as a great travel itineary so that you can actually reap the benefits of each of the distinctive points of interest that Australia is offering! Everybody making a trip to Australia wants to look at the kangaroos, but were you aware that the western portion of Australia can also be a good spot to obtain economical opals? Study up on this specific substantial not to mention nation in advance so you can plan what you wish to see as needed.