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Most people that have a helicopter tour say that there’s no better feeling than being up there in the sky and seeing beautiful places on the land. There’s a reason people that have did a helicopter tour want to do it again and again.
Saying you get to see breathtaking views would be an understatement. It’s almost like you enter a whole new world of indescribable beauty.
But it’s important to know and follow a few things to get the most out of your helicopter tour. So let’s quickly walk you through them below.

Know What to Wear

If you wear your usual clothes to the flight, you will likely regret it once you’re in the sky. Needless to say, it would also take a lot away from the fun and excitement of the tour.
And that’s because it’s very cold up there, so you need to dress appropriately. A jacket is a must, especially if you also plan to have a “doors-off” experience. Similarly, don’t wear any loose clothes, as they will be a hassle to manage.
The shoes need some attention too; don’t wear a pair that’s too loose or you wouldn’t be able to prevent it from flying off.

What if You Feel Airsick?

Well, simply try to relax yourself before getting on the flight and you will likely be fine. However, you can also do a few other things to prevent the airsick feeling from getting to you.
First, you can fly in the morning when the air is cooler, and the visibility is better. Morning rides are usually much smoother than at any other time of the day.
If you do start feeling airsick when flying, simply look straight, breath like you normally do, sit straight without crossing your arms or legs, and avoid bending forward or backward.

Will There Be Any Kind of Flight Turbulence?

You would usually never come across any kind of turbulence or bumps in a helicopter. Helicopters work very different than planes, and are able to avoid turbulence altogether as their blades are much more flexible and their bodies are sleeker.
So simply put, no, you wouldn’t feel any kind of turbulence at all, or even bumps for that matter.

Can You Get Your Camera?

Of course you can get your camera to a helicopter tour. However, make sure you hold it tightly when using it on the flight, as the winds will be stronger than you can imagine, especially if you prefer to have the doors off when shooting.
However, it’s only after making the doors go off would you be able to have completely unobstructed views, which would basically be a photographer’s paradise.

How to Ensure the Highest Level of Safety?

Your best bet at ensuring the highest level of safety as you fly is to find a company that’s certified as FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. It means that the company follows very high safety standards, which is definitely something important to have as helicopter accidents do happen and they can be fatal.

Air Travel

Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, is one of the biggest airlines in Europe. It flies to more than 190 destinations in 81 countries across all permanently inhabited continents. Renowned for quality services, this legacy carrier provides optimum comfort during the journey. Lufthansa flights have four different cabin classes, offering a range of amenities. Below is a detailed description of these and what amenities and facilities are offered to passengers on them.


By booking Economy tickets, passengers can remain assured of comfortable seating. There is a variation in seats, depending on whether the flight is short or long. Short-haul air services give more legroom as the seat backs are slim, which enable flyers to stretch their legs and feel comfortable. Aircraft, pressed on long-haul routes, have 40-cm wide seat cushions and adjustable headrests.

In-flight entertainment is delivered to Economy passengers either on the seat-back screens or via the mobile app of the air service provider. The former can be enjoyed on long-haul routes whereas the latter is available on select medium-haul flights.

On-board meals in the class are inclusive of a cocktail service along with a 3-course meal, out of which two are hot main courses. On long flights, a second meal is also provided as are snacks. A number of beverages are available onboard, including alcoholic, and cold and hot non-alcoholic drinks.

Premium Economy

This class is available only to travellers, who have booked tickets for long-distance Lufthansa flights. It features spacious seating and more legroom, and comes with a double armrest and cocktail table on seat handle, and a detachable remote control for the entertainment system. The Premium Economy in-flight entertainment allows passengers to view up to 100 films in eight languages and choose from 200 TV programmes and 300 music CDs.


A Business Class flight ticket booking with the German carrier can be made to fly over short, medium and long distances. Short-haul air services, operated across Europe, come with good personal space and an empty middle seat so that passengers can work comfortably. The long-haul flights have seats, which can transform into a 2-metre long bed.

A range of delectable dishes is served to Business flyers with varied choices of drinks. Pastries, salads, fine wines and a number of dishes from around the globe allow travellers to enjoy their favourite food. To provide more sleeping time on short-haul intercontinental flights that operate after 8 pm and last 6 to 8 hours, the attendants ask for the requirements from passengers. They, however, bring in the items only when others are asleep so that the cabin lights can be switched off earlier than usual.


The First Class on Lufthansa provides the greatest level of comfort, relaxation and entertainment, among all classes. Ergonomic seats with intuitive controls to help them take the shape of a fully flat 2-metre long bed are supplemented by a mattress topper and duvet. Well-laid spacious washrooms with branded toiletries are available to all First Class flyers. On the menu is a range of top class wines, including four red and four white variants, and Michelin Star chefs create the delicacies to be served onboard. Passengers in this elite class can also savour caviar, which has become synonymous with the carrier.

By booking a ticket with the national airline of Germany, people can enjoy optimum comfort, ample entertainment and delicious meals, onboard.

Air Travel

The Emirates airline, established in 1985, has its primary hub at the Dubai International Airport. It operates more than 3000 weekly flights to around 78 countries. In terms of passengers carried numbers, fleet size and revenue, it is the leading carrier in the Middle East. As of end of year 2015, the airline had codeshare agreements with more than 18 global carriers, including Virgin America, Air Malta, Korean Air, Qantas, Oman Air and Jet Airways. Its fleet consists of 1 executive jet, 14 cargo freighters and 219 passenger aircraft. It has a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The carrier has three cabin services, namely First, Business and Economy. Emirates booking for any of its 160 destinations can be done easily with leading online travel agencies (OTAs).

Onboard Services

The airline is one of the most popular ones in the Asia and Middle East regions owing to its punctuality as well as ground and onboard services, which includes seating, entertainment and dining.


In its First class, the airline offers a private suite (available on Boeing 777s, A380 and A340-500) to its passengers. This suite featuring sliding privacy doors includes a personal mini-bar, entertainment system and a seat that can be converted into a full flat bed with mattress. It also includes a vanity table.

The Business class also has a mini-bar, a side table and in-seat power supply to charge laptop. The seats in this class can be converted into full flat beds for a comfortable sleeping experience. In the Economy class, comfortable seats with adequate legroom are provided, along with in-seat power supply and Wi-Fi service (in selected flights) to passengers.

In-flight Entertainment

This carrier is considered among the best when it comes to personal entertainment system offered in-flight. It has three types of entertainment system for its passengers, namely ICE, ICE TV & Radio, and ICE Digital Widescreen. The ICE in-flight entertainment system offers between 600 and 1200 channels; link to an onboard email server in order to send or receive emails; movies, video games and music. The ICE system can be enjoyed in 38 international languages, including Arabic, French, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. In 2007, the airline also introduced docking capability for iPod music and video player on its flights. This not only helpful to charge the iPod battery but also integrate with the in-flight entertainment system, which then plays the music, movies and television shows stored in the device.


In the First class, passengers are served a range of delicacies of different cuisines on Royal Doulton fine bone china along with special Robert Welch cutlery. In addition to meals, they can relish a selection of wines, cold and hot drinks, and snacks to go along with it. In the Business category, delicious and healthy dishes are served, along with complimentary champagne and vintage wine, in addition to cocktails and beverages. Passengers booking flight tickets for the Economy class can enjoy meals created by internationally-famous chefs. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it is complemented by a selection of complimentary cocktails and wines. By paying a small fee, passengers too can enjoy champagne in this class.

If you are planning a trip to any of the 160 destinations that Emirates operates to, then make your flight bookings with it to enjoy these fantastic in-flight services.