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New Zealand is a beautiful country. That is why many people like the activity of camping. If you would like to hire a campervan, you need to learn more about some of the procedures involved in renting this form of transportation.

Have the Vehicles Been Endorsed for Quality?

If you wish to hire a campervan, you need to first visit the website of the campervan company and make some comparisons. Check out any specials on the site before arranging a booking. You also want to make sure that the vehicles have been endorsed by a quality assurance agency.

What about Roadside Assistance?

Does the company that features campervan rentals in New Zealand follow a “no hidden costs” policy? You do not want to rent a campervan from a company unless it can make this type of guarantee. It also is important to make sure the business offers 24-hour roadside assistance across New Zealand.

Unlimited Kilometres

Usually, basic insurance coverages is included in the daily rate for the campervan. However, you can opt for more comprehensive insurance coverage, if necessary. The company you select should also offer unlimited kilometres and permit multiple drivers in the rental agreement. This should be done at no extra cost to you.

Other Amenities

Other standard amenities that should be part of the rental package include the following:

  • Picnic chairs
  • Cutlery
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Crockery
  • Heater
  • Gas cooker
  • A sink with running water
  • Chilly bin
  • A 240V mains power link – for use at sites powered by electricity
  • At least 300 litres storage
  • Queen bed and bedding

Who Can Hire a Campervan?

In addition, you should also provide a deposit when you hire a campervan. Typically, the campervan dealer will take $300 to secure your booking. The balance is normally paid when you collect the van. Anyone who is 18 years old can hire a campervan. He or she should also hold a valid driver’s licence.

Road Rules for International Drivers

If you are an international driver, make sure you keep left when driving in New Zealand. You need to keep this mind whilst driving the roadways. To make sure you feel confident about navigating a campervan, you should also be able to say “yes” to the following statements”

  • I am familiar with the road rules for New Zealand.
  • I regularly drive in my home country.
  • I am well-prepared to drive through New Zealand.
  • I have driven a vehicle of a similar type that has the same transmission (manual or automatic).

Make Sure You Are Prepared to Drive

If you want to explore New Zealand up-close, a self-drive holiday is the ideal way to make an escape. However, you still have to be realistic. If you don’t feel confident about driving a campervan, you need to choose another way to get away for a holiday.


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