3 Reasons Why Urban Residents are Selling Their Cars

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We are living in exciting times, with clean, renewable energy that will soon replace power generated from fossil fuels, while windmills are springing up across the UK. The way we travel around is also changing, and for many urban dwellers, selling the car and using other forms of transport has many attractive benefits. Many people prefer to cycle to work, and when you are planning that foreign holiday, you simply book an affordable airport taxi in Norwich, which is a far better alternative than leaving the car at the airport.

Here are just a few reasons why people are selling their car and turning to other forms of transportation.

  1. Healthier Way of Life – Taking up cycling offers many benefits, which includes a healthier lifestyle. Regular riding tones up the muscles and all that fresh air is very beneficial, and with roads that are very cycle-friendly, safety is not an issue.
  2. Huge Savings – Every motorist is well aware of the huge costs involved with running a car; tax, insurance, servicing, and, of course, the fuel costs, are all no longer required when you sell your vehicle.
  3. Transportation Choices – Selling your car doesn’t mean you will be restricted in any way, what with trains and buses that run regularly, and there are affordable taxis that you can call on day and night. On the odd occasion you do need a car, there are affordable rentals in every town and city.

When you consider all aspects, selling the car is a very attractive proposition indeed, which is why many UK motorists have already made the switch to other forms of transportation.

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